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LOKK Legal has a wide arrange of Real Estate Services to assist clients in and around their transactions. LOKK Legal’s services include traditional real estate law firm services such as as lease document drafting and review, purchase and sale agreement drafting and review, commercial or residential loan document drafting and review.

While LOKK Legal offers tranditional law firm solutions for its clients.  LOKK Legal also offers additional Real Estate Services that traditional real estate law firms do not.  Services that clients would traditionally have to go to a Commercial Broker, Business Broker, or Residential Real Estate Broker for.  Some of these additional services include, but are not limited to, in person examiniation or “walk around” of Client’s property and/or construction sites, personal meeting with inspectors, title reps and/or loan officers in order to ensure transaction is in Client’s best interests.  Furthermore, additional services also include attendence at meetings to negotiate and assist the closing of a transaction for a buyer or seller in relation to real estate.  On certain transactions, LOKK may be willing to arrange its fees in a hybrid fee agreement (legal fee/broker commission) if the particulars fit the best interests of both the client and LOKK.  Ask LOKK for more details.​


LOKK Legal assists its clients with Commercial and Residential Leases.  Specifically, LOKK can help a client draft the lease, review the lease, negotiate better terms for the lease, and make sure the client is protected within the terms of their respective lease.  LOKK will ensure you have the least amount of risk and liability possible within that lease possible.

Purchase And Sale

When acquiring or disposing of a piece of commercial real estate, don’t leave the sale up to a “form”.  Forms beneficial for speed but are not ideal for protection of money or liability.  Speak to a LOKK professional and see how we can customize the purchase or sale of real estate to limit your risk far more than a form.

Lending Money On Real Estate

When Lending Money on a Piece of Real Estate don’t just sign whatever document someone else gives you or something you find on the internet.  Protect your hard earned money. Have a LOKK LEGAL professional do it right.

Lease Option To Buy

For a variety of reasons, sometimes a Leasor doesn’t want to or cannot purchase a property right at the moment.  Combining a Purchase and a Lease can be tricky but is possible. Have a LOKK LEGAL professional make the process easy, painless, and seemless for you.

LOKK Legal

​As your San Diego Real Estate Attorney, LOKK LEGAL can protect your real estate investment from liability.  Different types of real estate transactions need different types of solutions.  Let LOKK help.

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