San Diego Commercial Leases

About To Sign A Commercial Lease?

LOKK Legal assists clients with Commercial Leases differently than most lawfirms.  LOKK Legal’s assistance includes traditional real estate law firm services such as as revising the commercial lease to ensure the tenant or landlord is protected.  However, LOKK Legal provides a total solution for it’s clients by contracting with top Commercial Real Estate Leasing Brokers in the area at no additional cost to the client.

This way LOKK Legal assists with the Client find the right property for them and ensure that they are legally protected for the price of just one service.

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Why Is It Important To Have Your Commercial Lease Reviewed?

A commercial lease is one of the most important agreements a small business or real estate investor enters into.  Generally they are for an extended period of time and when accumulated, can put considerable pressure on a business.  Furthermore, the legal lease within most of the standard “forms” are typically one sided and it is not recommended to simply sign.

Generally, commercial real property leases fall into a few categories:

  1.  Office Leases;
  2. Retail Leases
  3. Warehouse Leases;
  4. Ground Leases; and
  5. Mixed Use Leases.

Each type of Lease has certain risk factors that need to be guarded against in a particular transaction.  Your LOKK LEGAL attorney will know what to look for within your commercial lease transaction, what to request in a negotiation, and what to modify in order to best protect you and your interests.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on your lease.

For an example of a Commercial Real Estate Lease please read below

Sample Commercial Lease