San Diego Business Attorney

As your San Diego Business Attorney, LOKK LEGAL can assist protect you and your monies within your upcoming business transaction.

LOKK Legal has a wide arrange of Business Services to assist clients in and around their transactions.  LOKK Legal’s services include traditional business law firm services such as as business formation drafting, business purchase drafting and review, business funding agreement drafting and review.

While LOKK Legal offers traditional law firm solutions for its clients.  LOKK Legal also offers additional Business Services that traditional business law firms do not.  Services that clients would traditionally have to go to a Commercial Broker or Business Broker for.  Some of these additional services include, but are not limited to, in person examination or “walk around” of Client business, personal meeting with partners or lenders to assist with Client goals.  Furthermore, additional services also include attendance at meetings to negotiate and assist the closing of a transaction for a buyer or seller in relation to client’s individual goals.  On certain transactions, LOKK may be willing to arrange its fees in a hybrid fee agreement (legal fee/broker commission) if it is expressly what the client wants, that type of fee arrangement best fits the best interests of both the client and LOKK.  Ask LOKK for more details.

Operating Agreement/By Laws

Are you starting a business with a partner? Multiple partners? Investors? You may need to speak to a LOKK Attorney about drafting an Operating Agreement or By Laws to set out rules and regulations regarding how profits, losses, and all other rules within the business are governed.

Purchase And Sale (Of Business)

When purchasing or selling a business there is a lot of risk.  Both in money and in legal liability.  To mitigate this risk obtain the services of a LOKK Professional who is a specialist in just that.

Employee V. Independent Contractor

As a business owner the difference between having an Employee and an Independent Contractor is extremely important.  Not only is it important to know what you have but it is important to know how to conduct yourself if you want a particular type.

Business Fee Agreements

For a variety of reasons, sometimes a Leasor doesn’t want to or cannot purchase a property right at the moment.  Combining a Purchase and a Lease can be tricky but is possible.  Have a LOKK LEGAL professional make the process easy, painless, and seemless for you.

Legal Disclaimers, Privacy Policies, Terms And Conditions

Do you have a website?  Is your business a type where a disclaimer is needed?  While disclaimers aren’t a bar against recovery they can help mitigate and reduce risk.