Elite Legal Protection, Investment Protection, and Realty Services

Total Solution Model

While LOKK Legal is a complete real estate transactional law firm, its Founding Attorney, Koorosh Khashayar Esq. has used his California Real Estate Broker license to provide LOKK Legal clients with a total solution.  He has done this by going out and creating strategic partnerships with some of the best and brightest commercial and residential realtors in the area.  These partnerships allow for LOKK Legal to provide its clients with both Legal Protection and Realty Services for the price of just one.

LOKK assists clients find a total and complete solution (realty and legal) that is just not found in today’s industry.  LOKK Legal’s solution based services are created for clients purchasing, selling, or leasing residential real estate but do not want to pay separately for a broker to assist them locating the right buyer, or seller and then pay again for the real estate attorney who can protect them within the transaction.

Traditionally, other law firms bill a client hourly and other Realty companies charge a client a percentage of the transaction.  LOKK Legal has created partnerships and agreements with top Commercial and Residential Real Estate Realtors in the area at no additional cost to the client.  This way the client can get both Legal Protection and Realty services for the price of just one.

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