In the article below you can see that enviromentally friendly Commercial Leases are being recognized by the real estate industry. Specifically, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Landlords, and Tenants that introduce energy efficient practices and sustainability focused changes will be postively recognized by the US Department of Energy’s Better Building Summit. (What about lawyers!?!?) Improving energy performance on the property is the overall goal and using varying solutions to improve efficiency of these buildings.

Director of Sustainability of Unico property states “With green leases, we deliver triple-bottom-line retruns that benefit our investors, tenants, and the environment. We look forward to the program’s growth to help the industry realize the benefits of integrating sustainable best practices in the built enviroment.”

LOKK believes that the language of a long term commercial lease can absolutely increase the property’s energy efficiency which therein directly correlates to its profitability and environmental health. Agreed upon legal language controls conduct of the parties which controls energy use which controls profit and environment. Usually a party may not want to concede on a particular term if profit was the only motivating factor, however if environmental efficiency is the motive, then that is something that all parties in a can understand and benefit from.